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Announcing Pace University’s Eighth President

Marvin Krislov was elected by a unanimous vote of the Pace University Board and will take office on August 1, 2017. Since 2007, as president of Oberlin College, one of America's top liberal arts institutions, Marvin has led Oberlin in enhancing its student experience, increasing its student diversity and academic excellence, strengthening and expanding its faculty, and improving its fundraising, campus facilities, environmental sustainability, and community relations.

Pace University Launches $190M expansion effort in the Financial District

Pace University is set to embark on a $190 million renovation and expansion effort, further adding to the construction boom taking place in the Financial District, and the immediate area around the university.

In the first phase of this renovation plan, the University will spend $45 million on upgrading its main campus building, One Pace Plaza, and the nearby 41 Park Row. 


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Human Resources at Pace University - #1 in NY!

Human Resources Execs: Did you know that Pace University is rated as the #1SHRM Educational Provider in New York?  Take our certification classes and you’ll see why!  

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