HRM0100 - Essentials of HR Management
HRM0105 - Essentials of HR Law
HRM0200 - HR Generalist
HRM0300 - Certificate in Prfsnl HR Mgt
HRM0303 - Motivating Employees
HRM0305 - Global Cert in Prfssnl HR Mgt
HRM0400 - PHR Crash Course
HRM0401 - SHRM CP/SCP Crash Course
HRM0405 - SPHR Intensive Review
HRM0410 - PHR/SPHR Crash Course
HRM0521 - Dvlpng Effctv Job Descriptions
HRM0522 - Hot Topics in HR 2018
HRM0523 - Building a Safer Workplace
HRM0524 - Recruitment and Engagement
HRM0525 - Employee Relations
HRM0526 - NY/NJ Law Certificate
HRM0527 - Creating Talent Acquisition Strategy
HRM0530 - How to Intrvw Career Path
HRM0531 - Global HR Certificate
HRM0540 - HR Critical Measures Tools
HRM0545 - Lean HR Management
HRM0550 - Compnstn Plans that Motivate
HRM0551 - HR Director Certificate
HRM0560 - Managing an Effective Prfrmnce
HRM0565 - HR Metrics for the Future
HRM0575 - Exploring the ADA
HRM0580 - The Value of Strategic
HRM0585 - HR Metrics & Wrkfrc Analysis
HRM0590 - Strategic HR:Dlvrng Bus Result
HRM0595 - Creating a Talent Acquistion
HRM0600 - Strategic Human Resource Mgt
HRM0610 - Change Mgt HR Strtgc Toolbox
HRM0620 - Strategic HR Business Partner
HRM0625 - Audting for the HR Prfssnl
HRM0630 - Cert Talent Mgt for HR Prfsnls
HRM0635 - Lean HR Certificate
HRM0710 - Social Media for HR
HRM0756 - Compensation Strategy Cert.
HRM0801 - HR Law Hot Topics
HRM0810 - Payroll Practices
HRM0818 - Chllngng Issues, Conversations
HRM0819 - Demystifying the ADA
HRM0835 - Year End Planning Review
HRM0895 - Recruitment Selection
HRM0896 - Employment Engagement
HRM0900 - PayTrain Fundamentals Cert
HRM0901 - How to Cndct a Wrkplc Invstgtn
HRM0902 - FLSA & Wage & Hr Crtcl Issues
HRM0903 - Privacy and Social Media in HR
HRM0906 - Employment Law Update 2016
HRM0910 - Lkng Twrd the Ttl Rwrd Horizon
HRM0920 - Proposed Overtime Pay Reg